Three Questions Your Estate Planning Lawyer Should Ask You About Charitable Giving from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer Liz Nielsen

charitable giving austin attorney liz nielsen

All estate planning attorneys should be talking with their clients about charitable giving during an initial consultation.  Ignoring the possibility of donating to charity can result in a lost opportunity both to you as the client and to the community.

Here are three questions your attorney should be asking you about charitable giving, either on your initial client worksheet or during your initial consultation.

  1. Do you currently support any charitable organizations, churches, or educational institutions on an annual basis?
  2. Do you want to include a gift to any of these organizations or other organizations as a part of your estate plan?
  3. In terms of both values and dollars, what kind of a legacy do you want to leave your heirs?

These questions can open up the conversation as to whether you might want to include charities in your estate plan, and if so, how much should be allocated to your family and how much should be allocated to charity.

If you express a desire to include charity in your estate plan, your attorney can then help you determine how much, and when, you would like to give.

If you are considering including a charity in your estate plan, please give us a call.  We are experienced with helping clients include charities in their estate plans and would be happy to work with you to make your charitable giving as effective as possible.

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