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What Is the Difference Between a Probate and Trust Administration Attorney and an Estate Planning Attorney? from Austin Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen


Estate planning attorneys and probate and trust administration attorneys play crucial but distinct roles in the legal processes involving legacy planning, asset distribution, and wealth preservation. As part of the estate planning process, you should discuss with your attorney the role they will play during your lifetime and whether they can also assist your loved […]

Watch Out for Stolen Items in Your Loved One’s Estate from Austin Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen


Your family member went through a meticulous estate planning process to organize and distribute money and property for the benefit of their loved ones, including you. But you may suspect that some of the high-value items in their estate originated as stolen property. The possibility of discovering stolen items within an estate is often overlooked, […]

What Is the Last Surviving Spouse Rule? from Austin Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen


Estate planning can be a significant part of successful financial management, especially for married couples. One key consideration is minimizing estate taxes, which can substantially affect the distribution of money and property to a married couple’s loved ones. Portability can make a significant difference when it comes to the taxation of an estate. What Are […]

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