Safety Tips for Seniors from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer Liz Nielsen

Safety Tips for Seniors

Today we welcome guest blogger Brian Lebens to share important safety tips that can help senior citizens living independently reduce their risk of injury and financial loss. 

Your home is where you should feel the most comfortable. It’s where you and your loved ones have made the most memories, and where you likely envisioned spending the rest of your life. As we get older, however, it can become more difficult to live independently. Our senses, our minds and our bodies aren’t what they used to be — making even the simplest household tasks more strenuous and dangerous. Because we value our independence and want to continue living in the homes we’ve known for so long, it’s imperative for seniors to understand how to continue living safely on their own.

For example, getting around in your home may become more challenging as you age. You may not have the strength you used to or see as well as you once did. What’s more, you could be vulnerable to serious injuries if you fall. That’s why you should make sure that your home is free from obstacles that you may be likely to trip over, such as loose rugs and footstools. Your staircases should always include handrails, and stairs should be covered with some kind of slip-resistant covering. In the bathroom, handrails in your shower stall or bathtub can make it safer to get in and out, while the floor should feature no-slip mats.

Your kitchen is likely a frequently used room in your home. It’s also one where the most accidents can occur. Take the time to organize your kitchen so that the items you use the most are within arm’s length. This prevents you from needing to reach up or bend over and risk hurting yourself. Also, make sure that all of your kitchen appliances feature easy-to-use controls.

Most of us would prefer to stay in the homes we’ve made with our families for as long as we can. That’s why it’s important to remember some steps we can take to help keep our homes as safe as possible as we get older. The following guide contains some vital safety tips for seniors who want to continue to age in place and live independently.

This special guest post is from Brian Lebens, Director of Client Services at Broad Street Home Care. Lebens manages relationships with clinicians, care managers and professionals working with individuals in need of assistance maintaining their independence. A former licensed social worker and healthcare business executive, Lebens combines his 20-plus years of professional experience with a compassionate drive to find solutions for all those in need. 

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