Estate Planning for your Digital Assets from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer Liz Nielsen

Digital Assets from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer

These days, nearly everyone has email, a facebook account, and digital photos.  But what happens to your digital assets after you die?  According to a recent article in Scientific American, judges and lawmakers are only recently trying to figure out how to handle the ever-changing realm of digital technology.

The article suggests starting with making a list of the digital accounts in your name, and then determine which ones you want your executor to access—and which should be deleted.  Leaving instructions on where to find the passwords for your digital accounts will make your executor’s job much easier.

By engaging in some simple estate planning, you can protect your privacy as well as ease the management of your estate after your death. You should plan for your digital assets in the same way you would any other valuable asset. After all, digital assets are today’s photo albums, letters and other mementos. Proper planning can preserve your legacy in its digital form.

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Source: Natalie Banta, Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets, Scientific American, February 7, 2018.