Scam Warning:  Beware Phony Home Contractors from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer Liz Nielsen

Beware Construction Scams

All too often we hear of some new con method scammers have come up with. The most recent tactic in the Austin area has been home improvement scams.  Mr. Jason Lugo of Mr.512 Handyman & Hauling, a locally owned construction and hauling company, has had firsthand experience with this scam in the Austin area.

The plot of the scam usually develops as follows: A “contractor” will come to your door and claim they were already in your neighborhood, maybe doing work for a neighbor. They often target senior citizens.  They will tell you that they have noticed damage to the outside of your home or that you are in need of some general upkeep of your home (i.e. replace your gutters or siding). The “contractor” will usually then have you sign a contract and make a down payment for the job you agree to, and leave, with you never seeing or hearing from them again.