LGBTQ+ Estate Planning to Protect You and Your Loved Ones by Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen

LGBTQ+ Estate Planning

For LGBTQ+ Americans, estate planning can be even more important. Despite same-sex marriages being legally recognized since 2015, couples composed of sexual and gender minorities still face estate planning challenges not encountered by other “traditional” same-sex couples. Issues such as unaccepting family members, child adoption by nonbiological parents, and LGBTQ+ couples living together unmarried underscore […]

Encanto and Estate Planning Lessons From Austin Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen


Not only is Disney’s award-winning animated film Encanto hugely entertaining, it also contains the following valuable estate planning lessons: Leaving a family legacy is important and can have an impact beyond your immediate family. Be sure to consider the significance of multigenerational planning. Treating each beneficiary as a unique person is essential. Naming the “strongest” […]