When Rock Legends Pass Away: The Possible Fates of Meat Loaf’s $40 Million Estate From Austin Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf, whose real name was Michael Lee Aday, passed away earlier this year at the age of seventy-four. The singer behind 1977’s Bat Out of Hell—one of the best-selling albums of all time—experienced ups and downs befitting his larger-than-life persona. He hit bottom with his 1983 bankruptcy but rode a 1990s career rebirth to […]

The Potential Future of the Family Limited Partnerships (FLP) from Austin Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen


A popular estate planning tool that has long been used effectively may be facing new challenges under the ever shifting currents of tax law and politics. The family limited partnership (FLP) is an estate planning tool that allows families not only to transfer significant amounts of their wealth to succeeding generations while reducing estate, gift, […]

Qualified Personal Residence Trust: What Is It and When Should You Consider One? from Austin Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen

Qualified Personal Residence Trust

Americans have enjoyed historically high estate tax exemption rates for most of the last twenty years. Such high exemption amounts have kept many of them from needing to seek out more advanced estate planning strategies to avoid estate taxes, which have been as high as 60 percent during those same years. However, it is uncertain […]