Correct Legal Terms for Planning from Austin Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen

Legal Terms Associated with Family by Austin estate planning lawyer Liz Nielsen

While watching a movie or reading a book about wealthy individuals and their families, you may have come across terms such as “heir,” “descendant,” and “next of kin.” Though made-for-Hollywood storylines use these terms interchangeably, words describing familial relationships have distinct definitions. Using the correct terms is critical in wills, trusts, and other legal documents […]

Inheriting a Retirement Account from Austin Estate Planning Attorney Liz Nielsen

Inheriting a Retirement Account

For decades, common financial planning wisdom has encouraged almost all American workers to maximize their contributions to qualified retirement accounts. Indeed, doing so can be a powerful way to reduce your current income tax liability, grow your savings exponentially tax-free, and, in most states, protect your savings from claims of creditors. And by and large, […]

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