Small Business Owner? Know What Can Happen to Your Business If You Become Incapacitated or Pass Away from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer Liz Nielsen

Small Business Owner

Preparing your company for your incapacity or death is vital to the survival of the enterprise. Otherwise, your business will be disrupted, harming your customers, employees, vendors, and ultimately, your family. For this reason, proactive financial planning — including your business and your estate plan — is key. Below are some tips on how to protect your company and keep the business on track and operating day-to-day in your absence.

What do Successor Trustees and Executors Do? from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer Liz Nielsen

Successor Trustee

Executor’s Duties An executor, sometimes called a personal representative, is the person who is named in a will, appointed by the court, and responsible for probating the will and settling the estate. Depending on the state, an executor may work under court supervision or, as is often seen in Texas, may use so-called “independent” administration […]

Bitcoin Should Be Part of Estate Planning, Too, from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer Liz Nielsen

estate planning bitcoin austin

As more people are dipping their toes in to the secretive, and notoriously volatile, cryptocurrency markets, such as bitcoin, estate planning attorneys are starting to think about how to include those potentially valuable assets in their clients estate plans. According to this Barron’s article, the secretive nature of cryptocurrency, as well as its digital format, […]

Estate Planning for your Digital Assets from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer Liz Nielsen

Digital Assets from Austin Estate Planning Lawyer

These days, nearly everyone has email, a facebook account, and digital photos.  But what happens to your digital assets after you die?  According to a recent article in Scientific American, judges and lawmakers are only recently trying to figure out how to handle the ever-changing realm of digital technology. The article suggests starting with making a […]

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