Liz Nielsen

Maya Angelou’s Heirs Feud Over Poet’s Legacy

Maya Angelou's Heirs Feud

Maya Angelou’s heirs are in a bitter fight over her legacy, according to this November 7, 2017, article from  Maya Angelou’s grandson allegedly is trying to gain control of the late poet’s intellectual property from his father and has bankrupted a company set up to manage her legacy. Maya Angelou’s son has accused her grandson, his son, of trying to cut him out of the proceeds from Caged Bird Legacy, the company that manages the intellectual property of the author and poet, including her copyrights.  Angelou, the beloved author of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, was awarded the 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom.  After her death in 2014, 25% of her company’s proceeds were gifted to her grandson – but now, his father claims, Angelou’s grandson is raiding the coffers to fund an “extravagant” lifestyle and has allegedly borrowed hundreds of thousands from the company.  Angelou’s grandson has not responded publicly to the lawsuit.

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